Dublin Tattoo Company


Welcome to The Dublin Tattoo Company

At Dublin Tattoo Company customers will be greatly impressed with the emphasis placed on sterilization, cleanliness and professionalism. Tony believes the single most important aspect of tattooing is a pristine, sterile environment for customers and tattooist alike. At Dublin Tattoo Company customers have thousands of designs to choose from and requests for custom work will be welcomed and encouraged.

Visitors to Tony’s studio will be made to feel very comfortable and all questions relating to the tattooing process will be taken seriously.

Customers choosing their first tattoo or the long time collector will be given the same attention and their input on design content will be incorporated into the chosen piece. Dublin Tattoo Company will be hosting guest artists from the U.S and Europe who share Tony’s commitment to excellent work in a professional and relaxed atmosphere. Dublin Tattoo Company has gained a reputation for quality work and the utmost professionalism.

Customers are sure to have a very good experience on all levels and are welcome to phone or drop in anytime with questions they may have after their tattoo has been completed.

Dublin Tattoo Company looks forward to serving you.

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