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What anyone thinking of being tattooed needs to know.

There has never been a better time to get tattooed as tattooing has reached unprecedented levels of popularity and the abilities of today's artists are exceptional.

Regardless of what studio one chooses to be tattooed at, there are certain issues people need to be aware of.

Tattoos are obviously a permanent thing and the permanence of them combined with the method of application are issues that require careful consideration and with any industry, there are good and bad tattooists. A good tattooist will work at a clean, well lit and meticulously maintained studio. The artist should be professional and friendly, have a portfolio depicting a variety of tattoos he/she has done, be attentive to the customer and have a keen desire to assist the client, possess excellent communication skills and be prepared to answer any and all questions relating to sterilization procedures and prevention of cross contamination methods.

Potential customers at a tattoo studio should make a prompt exit if any of above mentioned points are not in evidence at the studio.

In Ireland there are some amazing tattoo artists doing incredible work and they deserve much praise and recognition for their outstanding skills.

Please be aware that there are also opportunists capitalising on these artist pioneering efforts. People interested in being tattooed should research the artist that they are considering. Choosing an artist should be based on the tattooist ability and dedication to their craft.

Sterilization and cleanliness are of paramount importance followed closely by the tattooist skills.

One should never put the price of a tattoo as their primary motivation for getting tattooed. Never get a tattoo based on how much money you have in your pocket, save up if necessary. Get tattooed because you really want to, not because of peer pressure.

It is my fervent wish that these points I've outlined are put to good use by anyone who chooses to be tattooed.

There are many excellent tattooists out there, be patient and find one.

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