Dublin Tattoo Company


Tattoo Care Information

In order for a tattoo to heal correctly it is recommended that customers follow the simple instructions outlined below.

  • Bandage is to be removed 3-5 hours after tattoo procedure.

  • Wet the bandage and gently remove it. Wash the tattoo with soap and water and pat dry. Do not re-bandage tattoo.

  • Savlon Healing Cream is to be applied to the tattoo for the first 3 days. This is to be applied very lightly as needed.E45 Skin Lotion is then to be used for 2 weeks as required. If clothing sticks to tattoo customer is using too much healing agent.

  • Tattoo should not be picked, scratched or soaked as this will lead to colour loss and/or scarring.

  • Swimming, saunas, baths, sun exposure and sun beds are not recommended.

  • Tattoos flake and sometimes scab-this is normal.

If customer has any questions regarding tattoo during healing process, feel free to call the studio anytime.

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